Factors to Look Out For in a Mattress in Sacramento Stores

When shopping for mattresses in Sacramento, understanding the different components to a good night's sleep is important in helping you make a decision. Back Support, comfort, temperature, edge support, and motion control are all important to awake feeling well-rested. Making the choice to go organic means selecting a mattress made with materials which were cultivated without pesticides and are chemical-free throughout its manufacturing process.

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Defining Support

Proper support holds your body in a comfortable position of alignment and helps prevent soreness in the morning. The mattress must also be comfortable enough so that no pressure points are created overnight. Pressure points cause the sleeper to toss and turn, which can cause the sleeper to wake up feeling even more sore and uncomfortable in the morning, instead of feeling well-rested.

Most people find it easier to sleep in a room that is a little cool rather than too warm. Some mattresses trap heat, making the bed uncomfortably warm over the course of the evening. For this situation, natural latex mattresses are a particularly good solution since it prevents heat from building up in the mattress.

Edge support is the description of how the edge of the mattress is designed. A lower edge can make the sleeper feel as if they are slipping off the bed when they get near the edge. However, someone who generally sleeps with an arm or leg hanging over the edge of the bed may find a pronounced edge uncomfortable overnight.

Motion control is the ability of the mattress to isolate motion, so that if one person moves, rolls over, or gets out of bed, it doesn't disturb the other one. The same factors that isolate motion can also make changing positions a little more challenging.

When shopping in a Sacramento mattress store like The Healthy Bed Store, use the S.L.E.E.P. test to help find the perfect mattress. (S)elect a mattress. (L)ie in the position you normally sleep in. (E)valuate how you feel, the level of comfort and support provided by the mattress. (E)ducate yourself about your selection, including the material and construction, and the warranty. (P)artners should always test beds together.


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