How an Organic Baby Mattress Can Help to Reduce Your Child's Allergies

When your child is happy and healthy during the daytime yet sneezes, sniffles and coughs while asleep in his or her crib at night and for naps, allergies may be to blame. An organic mattress with a protective hypoallergenic lining may help to lessen your child's allergy symptoms. Understanding the variety of ways in which an organic baby mattress can help your child will assist you in determining if this type of bedding would be right for your baby.

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Causes of Bed Allergies

The most common cause of allergies related to sleep and nap times is dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic critters that live anywhere that dust accumulates. Because babies spend so much time sleeping, they are exposed to all of the dust that settles on their mattress, as well as those that land on curtains, blinds, carpeting and furniture in their bedrooms. The main component of dust is the skin cells that each person sheds every day. Each time your baby goes to sleep, those shed skin cells land on the crib mattress.

How Organic Mattresses Lessen Dust Mite Prevalence

An experienced supplier of organic crib mattress in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store can confirm that this kind of mattress does offer a greater level of resistance to infiltration of dust mites. This is because the solid layers of organic material that are topped with latex offer a natural barrier to entry by dust mites. The latex top also helps the mattress stay dry, which lessens the risk of mold or mildew growth, especially if your child is a heavy nighttime wetter.

The Best Type of Organic Baby Mattress for Allergy Elimination

A solid, smooth topped mattress is the best option for your baby. Dust mites can thrive in the crevices of a pillow topped mattress, but they will have nowhere to go on a smooth surface. Organic mattresses with a solid core are ideal, because they offer no hideaway for dust mites and no space for other allergens to accumulate. Consider an organic mattress made out of materials such as wool, hemp or natural foams, which offer comfort, warmth and heavy duty resistance to allergens.

Making the switch to organic mattress can spell all the difference in giving your child a good night’s rest, thus helping them wake up to a good morning.


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