Shopping Tips When in an Organic and Natural Mattress Store

After 8 to 10 years of using a traditional mattress, it is time for you to replace it with something new. Your old mattress likely doubled in weight due to absorbing sweat and shed skin cells, as well as its fair share of dust mites. With a new organic natural latex mattress, you will not have to worry about your dust mite allergy or reactions caused by off-gassing of chemicals used in synthetic mattress fillers.

Natural Mattress

Keep these features in mind when visiting an organic and natural mattress store in Sacramento when shopping for your new mattress set.

Backing and Covers

While shopping in stores for organic mattresses in Sacramento (such as The Healthy Bed Store) look carefully at the different types of outer covers on each mattress. Seek out a style that has a wool flame barrier, as this helps to keep you safe in the event of a fire. A certified organic cotton cover with wool backing offers an ideal combination of moisture wicking and heat dissipation for a comfortable night's sleep for many years.

Type of Latex

There are different types of latex that can be used in the making of a mattress. If you want a natural mattress, be sure that you choose one made from 100 percent natural latex, rather than a blend of latex or a synthetic latex. The reason for this is that natural latex provides you with a greater level of protection against allergens, and it also does not off-gas any odors or chemicals that could cause you to become ill.

Core and Coils

Meanwhile, if you have chronic back pain and need extra support for your back or neck, test out several options, like those with more steel coils. This particular type should be able to offer better support for comfort. Each coil helps to minimize movement if you have a sleep partner, while the air between the coils helps to dissipate your body heat. Consider the gauge of the wire comprising the coils. A thicker gauge provides more resistance to compression, which also adds support. Give a few mattresses a test to see what coil density and wire gauge appeals to your body.

Consider these factors when buying your mattress, and think of it as a sort of investment, especially since it can help improve not only your sleep patterns, but also your overall health.


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