Mattress Sale – These Upgrades Can Help Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep

Every Sacramento resident deserves a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, not everyone has a comfortable bed to sleep on. A 2009 study reveals that sleeping on a medium-firm mattress can significantly reduce a person’s stress level. Thanks to leading mattress suppliers like The Healthy Bed Store, which provide high-quality mattresses, more and more locals are having adequate, soporific rest at night. It’s no wonder mattress sale in Sacramento has shown dramatic increases over the years.

In choosing a mattress, there are several factors to consider. While most mattresses today come with better features, it helps to be extra careful during selection and purchase so that you can fully enjoy technology’s amazing offerings.

Organic and Non-Toxic

Most products that were manufactured using petrochemicals, blowing agents, and adhesives pose certain health risks to their users. Mattresses are not exempted. Being made of materials that require a series of chemical processing, such as latex and visco-elastic/memory foam, odds are they may be harmful to sleep on, especially with the chemical scent they exude right after unwrapping.

Today’s manufacturers are discovering new methods that can help reduce mattresses’ awful smell and toxicity, which can ruin your first night experience. They’ve successfully veered away from the use of chemicals that can lead to allergies and lung illnesses, making new mattresses a lot more eco-friendly. In fact, these products are certified and approved by prominent organizations and certifying bodies such as OEKO-TEX and Green America.


Products that are available at mattress stores in Sacramento are designed to be more comfortable than ever. Most of them feature ultra-plush, pillow-soft top layers of latex material 13’ thick. That’s one inch thicker than a ruler. Some even customize mattresses to the buyer’s desired thickness and softness. These mattresses, by the way, come in a vast array of sizes for greater flexibility.

Adjustable Bases and Sustainable Wood Frame

More and more beds are designed with adjustable bases to cater to different resting needs. Whether you need your mattress to be slightly tilted or you want to reduce its elevation, today’s mattresses have got you covered. Their wood frame, on the other hand, are made from trees that are harvested from a cultivated plantation, sparing forests from denudation.

Now that you have an idea of what type of mattress to buy, it’s time to determine where to buy it. Suppliers like Healthy Bed Store don’t just provide premier bedding products but also an amazing set of free services and warranties. They can ship your bed or provide free local delivery, installation, and removal of old mattress.

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