Latex Mattresses Can Help Those with Back Pain Get Good Night’s Sleep

The human back is made up of a complex structure of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and discs. Back pain is a common concern among our population and is the leading cause of workdays lost in Sacramento and everywhere else. This is understandable as problems with any of the elements within the structure of our backs can cause pain or discomfort. The intensity of back pain is different for each person. Whether back pain is from ruptured or bulging discs, arthritis, a strain, or everyday activities, all back pain sufferers have one commonality – the need for a good night's sleep as a respite from the discomfort. Choice for bedding is important and a good latex mattress might be the very thing you need.

Necessity of a Supportive Mattress

If you suffer from back pain, it is a necessity to have a supportive mattress that will help you get a restful sleep. Traditional spring mattresses may appear comfortable, but that is often deceiving. Spring mattresses don't offer sufficient relief for your pressure points as they push back against your body with even force. Due to the weight distribution in our bodies, some areas need more support than others, which leads to the development of pressure points. This can cause poor blood circulation, an inability to achieve comfort during rest, and joint pain. Therefore, the mattress is not providing the proper support for your back and adding to the pain you are already experiencing. Spring mattresses also lose nearly 16% of their support after the first year, followed by a continued decline in support as years pass.

Latex Mattresses – Support Where You Need It

A quality organic latex mattresses from ethical suppliers like Healthy Bed Store can offer your back and body the support it needs for a good night's sleep. A latex mattress maintains the alignment of your spine throughout the night as the latex foam outlines the curvature of your body. Latex mattresses are also resilient, preventing indentations that are commonly seen in other mattresses. Even when changing positions throughout the night, you can expect to remain fully supported as the springiness of a latex mattress allows it to change shape as you do. Latex foam will ease any tension of your pressure points throughout your whole body, making it well regarded for its pressure point reduction and back pain relief.

It may take some time to get adjusted to a new mattress, but the relief you will receive from back pain makes latex mattresses a perfect investment in the long-term. An organic latex mattress is all-natural which means you are not at risk of developing any other health issue like allergies.

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