Mattress Sale Tips: How to Find the Mattress that Meets Your Needs

One of the hardest parts of purchasing a new mattress is that there is no scientifically proven way to determine which type of mattress will be best for you. Sleep experts, however, have given some pointers on how to find the most appropriate mattress for your particular needs. A mattress sale in noted stores around Sacramento will give you the best opportunity to find one at an affordable cost. Before you go mattress-shopping, however, keep these pointers in mind:


Consult an Expert

If you have a health condition, speak with an expert sleep professional like Wayne Franson, the owner of the Healthy Bed Store. Use his or her knowledge to help you identify any health problems you have are not aggravated by an inadequate mattress.

Check the Firmness

Remember that firm mattresses are not always the best for your back. Research has shown that mattresses of a medium firm consistency, rather than firm or hard, are best for overall back health. Firm support is not the same as firm feel. Ensure that your mattress has firm support. The feel you want is a matter of personal preference. If you are a lightweight person, you probably don't want a pillow top mattress, because your weight won't be sufficient to cause the mattress to meet the coils.

Adjustable Beds

Be sure to check out the options available for adjustable beds. If you find that you are more comfortable in a recliner rather than lying down, you may want this type of bed. Adjustable beds are noted for their ability to relieve pressure on the lower back.

Go to Specialized Mattress Stores

Be sure to shop at a store that specializes in mattresses. The representatives in these mattress stores can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Look for a shop like The Healthy Bed Store that sells a variety of certified healthy and organic brands, such as Posh + Lavish and Savvy Rest.

Try It Out

Be sure to spend a few minutes lying on the mattress before you make the purchase. Do not allow yourself to feel silly while doing so. After all, mattresses are an important investment that will help shape your health and well-being in the years to come.

10 Tips for Buying a New Mattress,

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