An Adjustable Bed Base and a Quality Mattress for Good Sleep

Good quality sleep is vital to your good health. If you’ve consistently been having unexplained troubles falling or staying asleep, snoring heavily, or waking up not feeling well-rested, you may need to go for a medical exam with a sleep doctor. Before you do, however, it may help to take a good look at your bed and see if the problem lies there. Poor sleep quality has often been linked with depression, anxiety, weight gain and several other issues, but sometimes, all you really need to get your healthy dose of sleep is a customized adjustable bed base with a quality mattress.

A flexible bed base is considered the perfect upgrade from the traditional level foundation and regarded as the bedrock for customized comfort. At the push of a button, the bed adjusts to any positon you may desire, so whether you want to sit up and watch a movie in bed, or need to relieve the discomfort and body aches from a long day, you get the comfort and convenience you need for a blissful rest.

Choosing the right bed is also essential to guaranteeing a restful sleep. If you’ve ever woken up experiencing pain all over your body, your bed might be doing a poor job of providing that much needed comfort while you sleep. Medical practitioners with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, state that that your bed affects your sleep because of its impact on the intricate network of capillaries running underneath the skin.

When you lie on any part of your body for an extended period, your weight obstructs the blood flow through those capillaries, depriving the skin of oxygen and necessary nutrients. This causes pain sensors in the skin to signal the brain for you to roll over; and while rolling over restores blood flow to the affected area, it also temporarily interrupts sleep. The right bed can help ensure that less pressure is concentrated on key areas.

The ideal bed may be relatively different for each person, but the objective of achieving a restful sleep remains the same. Stores in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store, offer a wide array of customizable and adjustable bed bases, along with an assortment of mattresses for you to select whichever suits your sleeping pattern best.

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