Latex Mattresses in Sacramento: What you need to Know about Latex Beds

Compared to other types, latex mattresses are lesser known yet still efficient in providing comfort and support to sleeping. The latex foam, originally made from rubber trees, are mostly preferred for its high resilience and efficiency in giving back support and pain relief.

The benefits outweigh the expense when buying latex mattresses with an 80% satisfaction rate among consumers. For this reason, having a budget is important when you shop in stores for latex mattresses in Sacramento because this will help you minimize cost without sacrificing quality and comfort. Deemed as an exclusive product, it’s also advisable to make purchases online with more collections to choose from in their original retail prices.

Types of Latex Mattress

A latex mattress is available in either natural, synthetic, or blended types. The 100% natural latex variety is primarily composed of liquid rubber extracted from rubber trees while also combined with additives like soap and sulfur for frothing and curing respectively.

Rather than natural rubber, synthetic latex contains styrene-butadiene rubber, a chemical combination of ingredients obtained from petroleum. Though more popular in showrooms, synthetic latex is not as durable, resilient and odorless as the former.

Finally, blended foams are the most popular type, which consists of around 30% natural element and 70% synthetic. Most retail shops also refer to blended latex as “natural latex,” even if only a small portion is actually from organic materials.

Dunlop vs. Talalay

You may hear of Dunlop and Talalay options when shopping for latex mattresses. These terms refer to the processes on how the foams of either synthetic or natural latex are produced. Besides the latex components, how the foams are created also determine the difference regarding comfort and durability.

Dunlop involves the traditional way of vulcanizing foam, during which the foam is frothed and heated to produce the desired soft texture. Meanwhile, the Talalay method takes longer to complete with two added steps from the former for improved firmness and consistency. Talalay foams are deemed as better, but Duplex beds are more available in this market.

Tips in Buying a Latex Mattress When you visit a mattress showroom, the composition or comfortability is the primary feature that you should check. Inquire for the fire barrier or flame retardant of the mattress as well—it’s better if the retardant used is 100% wool and not common toxic chemicals.

To guarantee quality service, always aim for an organic latex mattress from certified brands like Naturepedic with certified goods based from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). You may search online for retailers of these manufacturers like The Healthy Bed Store to ensure your mattress was developed from all-natural elements.

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