Good Sleep is Healthy Sleep: Why You Should Choose Organic Mattresses

The good effects of a full, rejuvenating sleep on one’s lifestyle can never be overstated. Yet for all its benefits, sleep is one thing that proves elusive to many people—and they’re unknowingly paying dearly for it. It has been shown that sleep deprivation contributes to depression symptoms, facilitates premature skin aging and memory loss, and can even lead to obesity.

There are many known causes for sleep deprivation, but one factor is relatively easier to address: the mattress. Various studies have looked into this subject, and the results were pretty conclusive: newer beds cause a decline in stress levels, and mattresses with sub-par contours can wreak havoc on sleep patterns by intensifying discomforts, such as back pain.

If you have been having sleeping problems, the first thing to look into is your mattress. If you’ve had it for some time, it may have sagged and deformed in certain places, making sound sleep difficult. When it’s time to buy a new mattress, you would do well to consider organic mattresses, as offered by companies like The Healthy Bed Store that serve all of the Sacramento area and beyond. The best ones not only make use of the latest technology that promotes good sleep, but also helps protect your health in several ways.

True organic mattresses are free of harmful gases. In 1975, California adopted a law that mandated furniture manufacturers to use flame-retardant foam. Unfortunately, such materials are known to off-gas or release harmful volatile organic compounds or VOCs. At sufficient levels, exposure to VOCs can have negative health effects, such as headaches; loss of coordination; irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; and even kidney, liver, and nervous system damage. Truly organic mattresses use naturally flame-retardant materials that don’t off-gas. In addition to chemical-based flame retardants, you should also watch out for pesticide-treated fabrics, and other harsh chemicals in a mattress. Organic mattresses are free of these.

Organic mattresses can also help you get a good night’s sleep. In particular, latex mattresses are known to provide a very comfortable sleeping surface. Latex is quite dense, which helps give a mattress the right amount of firmness, but it also has elastic properties that allow it to conform to a sleeping body’s shape.

To learn more about these healthy sleeping options, visit a trusted organic and natural mattress store like The Healthy Bed Store, and consult with their sleep experts. Spend more than just a few minutes testing various mattresses out, and try various sleeping positions to ensure that the mattress fits your needs.

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