On a Quest for the Right Bed: Tips for Shopping in Mattress Stores

Perhaps your old, saggy mattress is giving you back pain. Maybe you can actually feel its jutting bedsprings poking you or it’s just a plain old eye sore. Even you venture to take a peek at its bottom you might find a budding colony of dust, mildew, and tiny critters. Find a new mattress you can purchase with confidence from a Sacramento bed store and which you’ll love for the next 8-10 years with these three smart shopping tips:

1. Try the actual mattress you’re considering.

There are online mattress stores, but no amount of research can equal testing the mattress in the store itself. A mattress you purchase without personally assessing may not meet your expectations, say it’s too hard or soft, too big or small or not as comfortable as you have imagined. In the end, you may regret your purchase and even insist on returning it, which is both inconvenient for you and the seller.

When shopping for a mattress, bring your partner along or anybody else sharing the bed with you and lie on it at least 5 minutes on each side and another 5 on your back or stomach, whichever is your usual sleeping position, suggests Health.com. The right mattress should keep your spine aligned and provide support to all points on your body. To replicate your sleeping experience better, bring your favorite pillow. Dress comfortably so you can lie completely on the bed without feeling too conscious.

2. Consider the other’s needs.

You and your partner may have different needs when it comes to firmness. Usually, bigger people or those who sleep on their back or stomach need firmer mattresses for better spine support. Whereas, those with arthritis need gentler padding for the joints. The good news is modern bed technology has finally come up with mattresses whose firmness can be configured on each side depending on your preference. You must also remember to pick out the right size, especially if you sleep with someone who keeps on tossing and turning while asleep.

3. Choose a healthy bed.

Is there such a thing? Of course. Older beds, and even some actively advertised in the market today, are said to contain toxic chemicals and compounds that act as flame retardants. This might not cause any problems right away but they’re not good for your overall health in the long run. Opt for an organic mattress for sale instead that’s chemical-free and hypoallergenic, like the ones found in Sacramento-based sleep and wellness centers, specifically The Healthy Bed Store.



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