Give your Baby a Healthier Night’s Sleep with an Organic Crib Mattress

Infants less than three months old tend to have varying needs for sleep, and once they turn three or four months old, they’ll begin to need 13 to 16 hours of sleep within the day, most of it at night. It might also take 12 to 24 weeks before your baby can sleep soundly through the night, but as doctors say, it’s never too early to help them develop healthy sleeping habits.

Helping them develop healthy sleep habits not only gets them to fall asleep on their own, but are also small steps towards the development of their cognitive and overall skills development. You can also do yourself a favor by getting more time for sleep as well without constantly waking up to an uncomfortable and hungry baby. Aside from a comfortable organic crib mattress, here are other things that can help your baby sleep soundly and develop healthy sleeping habits that they can bring to adulthood.

Make a Sleep Routine

Once your baby turns two months, you can begin establishing a sleep routine that signals them that it’s time for them to sleep. Do the same steps every night when it’s their bedtime, and these will gradually teach your baby that these are signals that it’s time for bed. Just remember that your routine should be calming and predictable, and should be usually done in their room. You may also want to add feeding as a part of your pre-bedtime routine, but slowly do away with this once your baby turns three months old.

Use Sleep Props Sparingly

If your baby has some difficulties in sleeping, tactics like rocking him in your arms, placing him on swings, or breastfeeding are very helpful in calming him and gradually bring him back to sleep. Don’t make these props your go-to tools, however, for your baby may begin to depend on them and find it harder to go back to sleep without these.

Give them Nap Times

Sleep experts believe that among babies and young children, “sleep begets sleep,” and they find it easier to fall asleep if they’re better rested. Usually, infants below four months old can stay awake for an hour or two before needing a nap, and eventually lengthens to two-and-a-half hours once they turn four months old.

Finally, give them a comfortable crib to lay their head on and have a peaceful sleep. Avoid mattresses containing harmful chemicals and toxins and opt instead for an organic crib mattress offered by stores like the Healthy Bed Store in Sacramento. Healthy sleep habits are recommended especially for babies, for it can aid in their physical and mental development.



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