Buying Nightstands: Useful Tips on Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Comfort and functionality should be the top priorities when it comes to selecting bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA (and anywhere else). After all, we spend a considerable amount of hours every day in the bedroom. Of course, you might already have the essential furniture – a bed, a desk, a dresser and a closet – but what else do you need? Perhaps it is the unsung hero of bedroom furniture: the nightstand.

A nightstand or a bedside table is an important piece of furniture. Think about it: where is a convenient place to put your alarm clock, your phone, or that book you read every night? Besides, a nightstand adds more appeal to your bedroom and puts the otherwise dull space beside the bed to good use. Before you go out shopping for nightstands, though, consider a few things.

Sizing Things Up

Size does matter, especially when it comes to furniture. You wouldn’t want your bedroom to be cramped, so choose a nightstand that can easily fit into the space beside the bed. Also, match the height of the mattress so that you can easily reach things on top of it. Bring out your tape measure to get exact measurements of the width, length, and height before buying a bedside table.

Style and Features

Style is also a factor. You’ll want your nightstand to match the theme of your room. For a vintage or classic look, go for bedside tables made of wood. For modern bedrooms and contemporary designed beds in Sacramento, you can always choose nightstands with a minimalist design. Other ideas are mirror and matte finishes. Consider also the color of the material; try to imagine if it would suit the color of your walls, curtains, beddings, and carpets. Of course, if you prefer to get more creative, you can get nightstands that include unique and useful features like light fixtures, a built-in safe, or a mini fridge.

Storage Needs

Some nightstands are made for storing things from books to scented lotions so be sure to consider the storing capacity. Some bedside tables have options between drawers, shelves, cabinets, and even a combination of these. Figure out what items you would like to put inside your nightstand before you make a choice.

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