Bad Bed Causing You Back Pain? Visit a Sacramento Mattress Sales Store

Ever woke up one morning and feel like your spine is going to crumble with every move you make? Well, better get up, have your back checked out, and see if it’s time to have that old mattress replaced.

Back pain can be attributed to many causes: sore muscles, injury, and spine conditions. Your body is subjected to stressors throughout the day and sleep is its only way to revitalize. Thus, your bed is supposed to be your haven for this nightly relaxation regimen, but that may be made impossible by a failing bed.

The body should maintain a proper posture throughout the day. But sometimes, carrying heavy items, certain activities and just the nature of daily work can cause one to stoop which leads to back problems. This further worsens when you sleep in a poor posture position.

Some people put small pillows under their waists or between their legs to keep their spines straight. This method helps the spine maintain a neutral position and lessens morning back pain. Sleeping on the stomach is also advisable if pain is most intense during sitting, as this allows the hips to stretch. But if pain is felt when standing and walking, sleeping in a fetal position may help alleviate it.

Another factor that may be causing your bad back is your mattress. A physiatrist interviewed by advised people who are experiencing back pain to replace their sagging mattress, saying that “A firm mattress that’s fresh is probably better than a sagging mattress that has no life in it—you’re sleeping on a hole.” If your mattress shows signs that it’s past its service lifetime, you should consider visiting a Sacramento mattress sales store such as The Healthy Bed Store.

Not just any mattress

Consider buying memory foam and opt for non-toxic organic and eco-friendly types. Memory foams are certified plant-based, which means the chemicals that are needed to fabricate them are much less compared to other types. You can also be assured that they won’t smell like it just came from the factory. Plus, they are guaranteed safe for the skin. Before buying one, do your homework and check out consumer reviews to determine the construction quality. After all, you wouldn’t want a mattress that’ll sag anytime soon.

Mattress in stores naturally feel good compared to what you have at home so you should avoid picking a mattress you fall in love with at first feel alone. Keep your eyes open for mattress sale in Sacramento, and when choosing among your options you should research the quality thoroughly before making a purchase.

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