When Is It Time To Visit Sacramento Mattress Stores for a New Bed

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 92 percent of Americans acknowledged the importance of a comfortable bed and mattress for a good night’s sleep. Not all of them, however, think they are adequately equipped when it comes to mattresses.

Comfortable mattresses enable you to get the rest you so deserve and affect the quality of your sleep, which, in turn, has an impact on your overall health. According to various studies, sleep contributes to a longer life, sharper memory, and fitter body. If your mattress allows you to sleep more peacefully at night, then it plays a major role in your achieving a better you.

Comfort is the real test

A small study conducted in 2009 showed that subjects preferred to sleep on new mattresses because the mattresses contributed to a significant decrease in stress, offering better sleep quality and less pain. Keep in mind, though, that there’s no standard to labelling a mattress as soft, firm, or medium-firm.

Robert Oexman, director of Sleep to Live Institute, said that a 250-pound person might describe a mattress as soft while a 125-pound person might describe it as firm. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and comfort, and there is really no established fact that a soft or firm mattress is better than the other. In buying a new mattress from the best Sacramento mattress stores, you have to test it first by lying on it and gauging whether it’s comfortable for you or not.

Knowing when to find a replacement

In deciding whether or not you need a new mattress, there are factors to consider. If holes and stuffing are coming out of it, for instance, that’s an obvious sign to replace it. Sometimes, though, you may get too attached to your mattress and can’t be swayed into buying a new one; let the quality of your sleep decide for you. If you’re not as comfortable with it as you were before, then it’s time to buy a new one.

You also need to consider how old your mattress is. Ideally, five years is enough for a mattress; some could probably outlive this but again, the condition would have to be taken into account as well. If you begin to notice bumps, sags, and other signs of wear and tear, a new one is in order.

One other way to determine the current quality of your mattress is to compare its look and feel with other mattresses you encounter in places you visit. If your bed doesn’t feel as appealing as those other beds, it’s time to take a trip to local Sacramento mattress stores, such as The Healthy Bed Store, for a more comfortable replacement. They offer a wide variety of mattresses including organic beds and non-toxic mattress and the owner, Wayne Franson is a recognized expert in the field.

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