How Proper Mattresses for Your Sacramento Beds Can Alleviate Back Pain

Our beds are meant offer a refuge from our hectic and stressful days. When you experience pain from sleeping instead of comfort, however, particularly pain in your back, warning bells should begin to ring. It means that your bed might need replacement as soon as possible.

Aside from improper sleeping positions, the quality of the mattresses in Sacramento beds could affect your sleep and particularly cause back pain and stiffness upon waking up. It was previously believed that firmer mattresses are the ideal choice, especially for those experiencing backaches. Recent studies have refuted this, however, and instead recommended medium to soft mattresses, since these support the natural curves of the spine more, allowing the person to be more comfortable.

Wrong mattress choices intensify the negative results of improper sleeping positions, too. Those who prefer sleeping on their stomachs, for example, force their spine into an unnatural angle, which could contribute to back pains if the mattress doesn’t keep the body stable. Sleeping on your back is the recommended sleeping position to prevent back pain, but if you are used to sleeping on your side or on your stomach, make sure you place a pillow between the knees to stretch your lower back or have a harder mattress, respectively.

If you’re already suffering from back pain, innovations in mattress and bedding technology now make it possible for you to relieve your pain and receive the best sleeping experience at the same time. A new type of bed, for instance, lets you adjust it the way you want it; it’s aptly named the adjustable bed or the Semi-Fowler bed. It has the potential to relieve chronic back pain and other bone conditions such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis, and is especially beneficial after a back surgery. Since adjustable beds let you sleep in the Fowler’s position, a medical position utilized to facilitate breathing and to speed up recovery after surgeries and childbirth, these could help improve circulation and breathing.

If you’re burdened by backache, or you simply want a better sleeping experience, you can choose from a range of options for mattresses, bedding and bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA at places such as the The Healthy Bed Store.

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