Sacramento Mattress Stores: Three Types of Mattresses to Choose From

The right mattress for Sacramento homes can help you avoid a whole host of problems. Sleeping on a bad mattress may cause pain, insomnia, and allergic reactions that will plague your health. Insufficient support causes your spine to bend, which puts a strain on your muscles, joints, and ligaments. This results in pain for your body. A lumpy bed also makes it difficult for you to sleep, while the wrong materials could cause rashes and coughing fits for allergic sleepers. You, therefore, need to pick the best mattress for you.

Thankfully, reliable Sacramento mattress stores like The Healthy Bed Store have a wide selection of mattress types to choose from. Here are the top three mattress types on the market:

Innerspring Mattresses

The traditional mattress used since the 19th century, innerspring mattresses use metal springs to provide support to the sleeping person. There are several variations depending on the spring shape, design, and coil gauge, with the 14-gauge type having the highest quality, indicating the least amount of depression on the springs. The number of coils inside determine how well the mattress can shape itself to the sleeper.

Besides the coils, padding also provides a variation among innerspring mattresses. The padding could range from a simple quilt to a fancier memory foam. The problem with these mattresses is that the springs easily wear out and lose their ability to support the sleeper, resulting in lumpy or sagging beds. Expect to replace innerspring mattresses every 5 to 7 years if you want maximum comfort.

Foam Mattresses

In the 1970s, NASA discovered a foam that helped cushion the G-forces astronauts experienced when launched into space. Nowadays, this foam is given a more down-to-earth use as a mattress for tired sleepers. Made by piling several layers of foam with memory foam at the top, the foam mattress adapts to the contours of the sleeper and provides support for the entire body. It’s highly rated for durability; 10 to 20 years is the expected lifespan of this type of mattress.

For those considering foam mattresses, keep in mind that sleeping on memory foam can warm sleepers. This is great for winter but a consideration in our Sacramento sweltering summers when you’d want to keep cool. Additionally, the materials used in making some of the mattress could be potentially toxic. Consult with the mattress seller first to ensure your safety.

Latex Mattresses

Latex beds are easy to make; they’re essentially latex foam layers piled on top of one another. The latex mattress has all the properties of a memory foam but without the drawbacks: long lifespan, ideal support, and maximum comfort. The process of manufacturing latex mattresses is expensive and time-consuming thus increasing its price. However, do not make your decision on price alone as this type of mattress has some great features for your health. You may even consider an organic mattress. Remember, you can’t put a price on your health.

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