Protecting Babies From Toxic Chemicals While They Sleep

Would you believe that nearly three-quarters of crib mattresses produced by manufacturers contain suspect or dangerous chemicals? 72% of surveyed mattress models use chemicals such as vinyl, antimony, polyurethane, nanoparticles used as waterproofing, petroleum-based synthetic latex and other volatile organic compounds.

In addition, 11 out of 28 manufacturers surveyed refused to provide specific information about at least one of the materials they use!

As Sacramento’s leading retailer of crib and kids mattresses and bed frames, The Healthy Bed Store has been leading the way to help new and expectant parents (and grandparents) make the right choice in purchasing a new crib mattress for their newborn baby.

Why is this information so important?

First, your baby is born with very little functioning immune system that removes toxins from their body. Since your baby will sleep for as much as 16 hours per day, the mattress they sleep on must be both safe and comfortable. Remember our slogan – what you sleep on is what you breathe in.

Second, according to a study by The Environmental Working Group, virtually every baby born today, regardless of geographical location, has an average of 287 toxic chemicals in their blood – some of these, like DDT, were banned over 40 years ago.

You want the best for your newborn – you buy a quality bassinet, car seat, clothes, etc., all of the necessary items to take care of something so precious.

But when it’s time to buy the new crib mattress, you go down to the big-box baby store, department store or online and buy the least expensive mattress. After all, your baby is just going to sleep on it. What you don’t know, and the stores and manufacturers don’t have to tell you, is that you just bought a mattress made almost entirely from petroleum-based chemicals, vinyl-softening solvents and waterproofing and flame retardant chemicals!

According to a report produced by Clean and Healthy New York, the report surveyed 190 mattress models from 28 mattress manufacturers and you can download the entire report from the link above.

The bad news – seven manufacturers – AFG Baby Furniture, Dream On Me, Flexus, Foundations, Jeffco Fibres. Kolcraft (which also makes mattresses for Sealy and Contours) and Simmons Kids – refused to provide some or no information about the chemicals used in the materials to make their mattresses or used as flame retardants or waterproofing. Other brands that uses chemicals of concern include Colgate, DaVinci Decor, IKEA, LA Baby and LaJobi (Serta), Moonlight Slumber, Nook and Strobel. The majority of these brands are the mattresses that are sold at the big-box baby furniture stores.

The good news – The Healthy Bed Store carries two brands, Organicpedic and Savvy Rest which have gone the farthest to both eliminate chemicals of concern and be transparent about the materials they use.

Eleven brands listed in the report make non-toxic mattresses but use latex and wool which they consider to possibly be allergenic to some babies. Of these eleven brands, The Healthy Bed Store carries four of them – OrganicPedic (OMI or Lifekind), Savvy Rest, Shepheard’s Dream and Suite Sleep.

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