Voted #1 Mattress Store in Sacramento To Have A Pillow Fight!

OK, we made that up but name any store in Sacramento with over 40 pillows on display and over 100 models and sizes of pillows available.

We have more pillows to choose from than Sleep Train, European Sleep Design, Mattress Discounters, Mathews Mattress, Sleep Well Specialty Mattress – combined!



We have organic wool pillows, organic molded latex pillows, organic shredded latex pillows, organic buckwheat pillows, organic cotton pillows, organic wool/buckwheat pillows, organic kapok pillows, organic kapok/shredded latex pillows, organic cotton/kapok pillows, organic cotton/PLA pillows, talalay molded latex pillows, contour latex pillows, shredded latex pillows, gel pillows, non-toxic plant-based memory foam pillows, gel-infused memory foam pillows, memory foam contour pillows in low profile, standard profile and high profile, faux-down pillows… and more!

We have travel pillows, we have toddler pillows, we have standard, queen and king pillows, we have body pillows.

I even wrote a poem about pillows in the fourth grade – yes, I did get an “A” for my poem. I like pillows.

And if you like pillows… and want to see the biggest selection of pillows in the area, we’ll see you here.

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