Sleep Tip – Lavender Aids In Relaxation And Sleep

Ask any sleep expert and they will tell you that a good night sleep starts with proper sleep hygiene and environment. Certain forms of herbal aromatherapy, such as lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile have been proven to be very relaxing and can serve as a sleep aid.

We often forget about the power of the human sense of smell until something reminds us, encountering a foul smell or a pleasant smell that can remind us of a certain memory.

But, did you know that our sense of smell can have a significant impact on our behavior and even our moods? The odors and scents that we smell through our nose will then stimulate our limbic system, which is the area of our brains that controls memory, moods and emotions.

So how can the smell of lavender aid in sleep? Researchers have conducted brain wave studies that suggest smelling lavender increases Alpha brainwaves in the back of the brain. The scent of Lavender slows down these brainwaves and increase their amplitude, which is associated with states of relaxation and peacefulness.

So if you are looking for an idea to help with your sleep environment, try putting a bowl of lavender, ylang ylang or chamomile in your bedroom. Another idea is to put a sachet filled with these herbs inside your pillow – we actually have Natura Lavender pillows available in our store.

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