Organic and Eco-Friendly Mattresses – Not A Fad Anymore

The interest in organic and natural bedding products, it seems, isn’t just a fad. Some people thought that this kind of lifestyle will eventually run it’s course, but the truth is, many more consumers are becoming more concerned about the chemicals used in the production of name-brand mattresses and bedding and are choosing this healthier route.

So much that  Americans spent $31.5 BILLION on organic products last year.

The number of bedding products, particularly mattresses, is a testament to it, as there have been a surge of organic mattresses in the market the last couple of years. Why is choosing organic mattress a healthier option than going with a conventional, standard name-brand mattress?

1. Because they are healthier to sleep on. Organic mattress doesn’t off gas and isn’t made of chemicals that studies say will normally get absorbed on the skin and run through the bloodstreams. Overtime, these chemicals will add to the chemical burdan of your body and can cause health problems but with an organic mattress, none of that can happen.

2. Because they are biodegradable. All components of an organic mattress is made up of eco-friendly material that, over time and when the mattress is used up enough to be discarded, can be disintegrate with its parts used for other things. Organic mattresses, however, will last more than the usual five to seven years of a regular name-brand pillow-top type mattress’ shelf life. And because they are biodegradable and recyclable, this type of mattress won’t pollute the landfills and bring more toxicity to the environment.

3. Because they are practical. With many companies now coming up with their own organic line, the prices for these organic mattresses are actually pretty competitive and can actually cost no more than many name-brand pillow-top or memory foam mattresses. These products also come in a variety of customizable features and designs, though, so some mattresses may be priced expensively than others. But the most important thing is, consumers have plenty of choices with it.

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