Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! Contact Sacramento Mattress Stores Right Away

In a July 10 article for, correspondent Mae Fesai presented a report by Terminix, a pest company, which ranked cities with the highest bed bug infestations. Sacramento was ranked no. 1 as the city with the highest incidences of bed bug outbreaks. The critter blight is, in fact, afflicting other US cities that were once seen as less likely to be attacked by bed bugs. Other than an all-out chemical treatment of the bugs, which isn’t advisable for fabric-based furniture or accessories, you can replace old mattresses, for instance, and get organic mattresses from excellent Sacramento mattress stores, such as The Healthy Bed Store.

Calls from bed bug customers from Sacramento jumped 54 percent compared to last year. The fact that some areas not usually prone to bed bugs are suddenly calling for pest exterminator service indicates that bed bugs are on the move. Milwaukee is ranked no. 2 with a 53 percent increase in calls, and Las Vegas at no. 3 with a 50 percent increase.

With the intense itching that bugs’ bites cause, the bed bug scourge can lead to secondary infection. With the extreme discomfort in the body, too, the affliction can cause a great deal of stress and psychological distress to victims. If your mattress is infested, contact any of the major mattress stores in Sacramento, CA immediately to replace your old mattresses with organic ones, and dispose the infested one immediately.

Bed bugs live in mattresses and furniture. They become active and feed off your blood the moment you are immobile or asleep. One way to tell if bed bugs are living in your mattress is when you observe spots of dried blood on your bed sheets. Though bed bugs in themselves don’t cause or spread diseases, their bites leave itchy and swelling marks on your skin. Getting rid of these small critters can be difficult and time consuming. Once you’ve made sure you’ve cleansed infested areas in your home, you can get yourself organic mattresses and pillows—which bed bugs avoid—to help resolve the problem.

Organic mattresses and other organic bedding accessories are manufactured with components that contain no synthetic chemicals which may be harmful to the skin or the body, in general. They do away with petroleum-based products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), and use eco-friendly materials that are largely plant-based. Even the plants used are certified to be free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

Bed bugs prefer areas that are warm and moist. Organic mattresses, at least the ones sold by organic bedding stores such as The Healthy Bed Store, do not trap any moisture. If you are still using an old mattress, vacuum it often, and use an organic cotton sheet to minimize bed bug infestation. Also wash your bedding regularly in hot water and bleach, and completely dry in hot dryer cycle. It is also advisable to air out mattresses outside on a very hot day with the sun out.

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