Why Pay High Sleep Train Prices For Leggett and Platt Older Model Adjustable Bases?

That’s right… why would you go to Sleep Train to pay a higher price for a 2012 Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bases when you can get the brand-new 2013 model for less at The Healthy Bed Store!

Just like when auto manufacturers introduce their new models with updated features not found in the older models, the same has happened with the new 2013 Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bases.


We have the new D-222 Adjustable Base in our showroom – same as shown in the picture. It comes in your choice of four fabric colors, has the stronger and quieter motor with 700 lb. lifting capacity and a new wireless remote with a design inspired by BMW.

But at Sleep Train, you will find the old 2012 Designer Series Classic D-222 base, in one color only (Dolphin) and with last years weaker motor and remote. And… you will pay more for it than our new 2013 model with all of the upgrades.

Same with the economy-priced Pro-Motion adjustable bases – Sleep Train still has this older 2012 model while The Healthy Bed Store has the new 2013 C-122 model, with stronger motor and the new style remote. And again, you will pay less for this new model here than you will for the older models at the mattress chain stores.

We still have the Prodigy base on display but it too will be replaced with a new model shortly.

So… don’t you deserve to pay less and get the brand new model Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bases – now on display at The Healthy Bed Store.

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