Take Advantage of Sacramento Mattress Sales to Sleep Better and Improve Eating Habits

Go to one of the big Sacramento mattress sales if you want to lose weight because new research published in the journal Obesity reveals that sleep deprivation alters an individual’s shopping habits. Honor Whiteman, writer for MedicalNewsToday.com, reports about the research conclusions:

Findings showed that when the men were sleep deprived, they purchased 9% more calories and 18% more food, compared with their purchases after a good night’s sleep.

The men’s blood levels were also measured, both after one good night’s sleep and one night of sleep deprivation. The results revealed that after sleep deprivation, concentrations of the hormone, ghrelin – a hormone that increases hunger – were significantly higher. The researchers add, however, that this did not correlate with food purchasing behavior.

“Our finding provides a strong rationale for suggesting that patients with concerns regarding caloric intake and weight gain maintain a healthy, normal sleep schedule.”


The study’s hypothesis states that “sleep deprivation’s impact on hunger and decision making would make for the ‘perfect storm; with regard to shopping and food purchasing,” shares Colin Chapman, the study’s first author from Sweden’s Uppsala University. He says that this condition leaves individuals hungrier and not as capable when it comes to exercising self-control and higher-level decision-making, making them susceptible to acting on impulse and choosing calorie-rich foods.


In a related study published in Nutritional Journal, researchers from the University of Otago in New Zealand found that sleep deprivation among teenagers aged between 15 and 18 affects boys more than girls. On average, boys who slept for 8 hours a night have slightly bigger waists and more lean mass, as well as 9 percent more body fat, than boys who get 10 hours. Correlation between sleep deprivation and body composition were not found in girls.


A longer nighttime sleep helps people to make wiser food choices during the day, which will benefit their well-being in the long run. Moreover, getting enough sleep has been proven by many previous efforts to enhance productivity at school and at work, as well as deter the onset of serious medical issues in otherwise healthy people. Healthy Bed Store supports individuals and families in getting enough sleep at night by periodically holding a mattress sale for Sacramento residents, giving them the chance to choose more nourishing foods and perform their daily tasks better.


(Info from Lack of sleep leads to increased food purchasing, Medical News Today, Published September 9, 2013)


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