Get a Comfy Sacramento Mattress to Work Well and Sleep Even Better

To do better at work, people are often advised by family, friends, and even themselves to get enough sleep at night. However, according to the United Kingdom’s Sleep Council, your work, in turn, has an effect on the quality of your sleep. The study, published in The Great British Bedtime Report last August 2013, showed that work can affect one’s sleeping habits from the industry you are working in to the salary that you receive.

A comfortable Sacramento mattress is only one factor when it comes to a good night’s rest as couples who do not earn more than $54,400 combined annually are much more likely to sleep together. Furthermore, the survey also noticed how certain careers make people more susceptible to stress-induced insomnia. Those in the legal profession get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep more often than architects, engineers and people in the building profession, who are also more likely to use alcohol to help them sleep along with those in sales and marketing.


For this reason, people must try their best to get better rest because stress-induced insomnia and unhealthy sleeping habits in general will obviously take a toll on one’s health. In 2012, a University College London linked work-related stress to heart attacks.


Sometimes, solutions need not be as drastic. Setting up a regular sleeping schedule and obtaining high-qualitymattresses in Sacramento from retailers such as The Healthy Bed Store can do wonders in improving one’s sleep. Also, the report cited three steps of relaxation to combat insomnia from The National Sleep Foundation:


  • Set your bedtime and wake-up time according to number of hours sleep you are currently getting but increase it gradually by 15 minutes every few nights.
  • Spend 2 hours before bedtime “winding down”.
  • Focus on “conditioning” yourself for different sleep behavior. For example, only use the bedroom for “sleep, sex and changing clothes,” but use another room when you are experiencing “unpleasant” times awake.

For so long the medical community has stressed the importance of sleep towards healthier living. Weight gain and eventual obesity, insulin resistance, and glucose tolerance lead to diabetes are but some of the serious medical conditions working people who are constantly deprived of sleep are at risk. Furthermore, getting enough rest increases one’s well-being.

(Info from How earning power affects sleep quality, Medical News Today, Published August 27, 2013)


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