Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Help of Sacramento Mattress Stores

Sleep deprivation apparently poses more serious health concerns than most of us thought it does. A article explains these issues further:

Dark under-eye circles and grogginess aren’t the only side effects of lack of sleep. While these signs may show the world that you’re tired, the worst side effects are some you might not even have attributed to your late nights.

Difficulty losing weight, inability to concentrate, impaired judgment, low sex drive, depression and reduced insulin sensitivity are all side effects of not getting enough sleep.

…As little as one night of sleep deprivation will get in the way of your body’s ability to maintain homeostasis, so aim for adequate sleep every night.

Since many people don’t have the luxury of sleeping in on a regular basis, trouble falling asleep or staying asleep can lead to severe sleep deprivation. Making some changes to your current routine can make all the difference in helping you fall asleep faster and staying asleep all night.

Given that not getting enough sleep can have long term negative effects to your body and the way you function during your waking hours, you should make an effort to save yourself from the trouble it brings. It helps to transform your room into a space conducive for a good night’s rest. For instance, invest in quality furniture where you can comfortably lie down.

If your bed is far from cozy and it takes you a while to find the most relaxing sleeping position, it may be time to replace your bed. In this case, visit the mattress stores in Sacramento, CA like the Healthy Bed Store to see what they have in store for you. They normally have a wide range of models that suits the varied preferences of their customers.

When selecting between mattresses, don’t hesitate to ask for the recommendations of the Sacramento mattress stores staff since their knowledge of the available products can help you arrive at an informed decision. Once your chosen mattress finally lands on its place in your room, switch off the lights, lie down, set your alarm and rest your tired body that faced the demands of the day. Resting on a new and comfortable mattress may be such a minor change to the habits you have grown accustomed to but it can create a considerable difference in the end.

(From 6 simple tips for better sleep, Fox News, Published June 26, 2013)


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