How a Mattress in Sacramento Can Help Relieve You of Your Back Pain

It’s certainly nice to go lay in bed when your back is troubling you, but not when you wake up the next day feeling the same. Padmapreetham Mahalingam of the Bold Sky life information portal poses something to this effect:

Do you wake up with a chronic back pain? Poor quality mattresses are the root cause for people suffering from back problems. You may replace your worn out furniture, but you tend to think twice before you change your old bed. Replacements are needed when the mattress shows visible signs of lumps and develops sags.

Sustaining the spine alignment is a requisite for eliminating upper and lower back pain. So, by all accounts purchasing a good mattress is very important. Sleep is essential to feel your best and a good mattress can make a world of difference to anyone who is waking up feeling achy, itchy or worse with back pain. However buying a new mattress can be a hell of a headache.

Unfortunately, the problem of back pain is all too familiar to many Sacramento residents. Back issues can be very serious – studies have shown that back symptoms are highly common disability factors for people under 45 years old. While fixing back pain is often the realm of chiropractic specialists, there are ways to nip the problem in the bud without having to seek professional help, and it all starts with consulting an experiencedSacramento mattress seller like The Healthy Bed Store.

Mahalingam says that mattresses made of foam and latex provide near-optimal support for the back. In many respects, this is true: one type of mattress material, memory foam, adjusts to the contours of your body and will ensure adequate spinal alignment. Originally developed for space missions, the technology also allows for the easy distribution of the sleeper’s weight and takes pressure off certain body parts such as the hips and shoulders.

Some experts advise consulting the mattress provider about your needs, especially on firmness. A mattress that is too firm will not allow the back to lock in the alignment, particularly if you sleep sideways. In choosing your mattress, extensively discuss with the seller the product’s warranty, return policy, and consumer reviews if any.

A bad back is only the beginning of more health woes that may come in the later years. However, sellers of quality mattresses in Sacramento such as the Healthy Bed Store will guide you on what you need.

(Article and image excerpt from Which is the Best Mattress for Your Back, Bold Sky, September 26, 2013)


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