Sleep is important for everyone, especially for children since they are still growing. A lack of sleep is detrimental to a child: the National Sleep Foundation has found that a lack or poor quality of sleep can cause mood swings, as well as behavioral and cognitive problems for school-age children.

This fact becoming more rampant in major cities like Sacramento, as different forms of amusement can distract children from going to bed and getting the recommended hours of sleep for their age. This does not take into consideration the bigger problem that some beds might even be harmful for children. Kid Times published an article that helps parents solve these issues and get a worthy mattress:


Mattress material

Mattresses made of vinyl and phthalates, as well as those that contain chemical fire retardants, are unsafe for children. It is safer to go for mattresses made of organic cotton and similar material so that the child won’t inhale such harmful substances. Organic mattresses offered by many mattress stores in Sacramento also tend to become good insulators, so it should keep children warm during those cold nights.

Children are especially sensitive to toxic chemicals so care should be taken to limit their exposure.

Remember that not all organic mattresses are alike. For instance, “natural latex” or “coir” may actually be allergenic for your child. Look for a mattress that has earned the recommendation or certification of a reputable organization.

Go firm

As children’s bodies are still developing, it is important to utilize firm mattresses to aid their growth. supports this statement by saying that firm mattresses help children’s bones grow properly and aligned.

In addition, you will want to purchase a good firm mattress. A firm mattress provides a child with proper support for their growing bodies which is recommended by pediatricians.

Monetary issues

Invest in a good mattress. Children like to jump around on them, so a poor-quality bed would easily break. Go for durable mattresses with extensive insurances.

It is not a good idea to use a hand me down mattress. Be aware that if the mattress is no longer comfortable for an older sibling, it will not be good enough for a younger child as well.

Keeping these in mind while taking your child to reliable mattress stores in Sacramento, CA, like The Healthy Bed Store will help him/her grow properly and happily.

(Info from Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Child, Sylvia Kid Times, August 1, 2010)