Mattress Sales in Sacramento Can Help You Sleep

Have you been experiencing problems with your bed lately? Could it be that your mattress is preventing you from getting enough sleep? If so, then it’s time for a new mattress. Getting a new one from mattress sales in Sacramento will get you the best deal while also improving your rest. Studies have shown that lack of sleep makes you grumpy and irritated, and affects your health, memory, physical appearance, sex life, and even capability to lose weight.

According to a survey made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, more than 25% of Americans have reported inability to get enough sleep, and 35% of those surveyed in 12 states claimed they get only 7 hours of sleep per night. People usually think that lack of sleep is no biggie, but they are not aware that it’s more than just getting tired.


Lack of Sleep Makes You Drunk

According to an article in Breaking Muscle, “sleep deprivation is as bad as alcohol consumption in how it affects our reflexes and critical thinking ability. It makes us dangerous drivers and bad decision makers… Getting sleep could save your life and/or someone else’s.”

Lack of Sleep Causes Weight Gain

The obesity rate in Sacramento is relatively lower compared with the national average. Still, it is at 25%, and is significantly high. The team of Kenneth Wright, lead author of the report and director of the University of Colorado Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory, has proven that when people lack sleep for just a few days, they tend to eat more than the usual. In fact, when deprived of sleep, people spend more energy in order to keep the body awake, resulting in increased food consumption to respond to the need of the body.

Lack of Sleep Makes You Dumb

Sleep plays an important role in the way you think and learn, and lack of sleep can affect these two in so many ways. It can lower your attention span and concentration, making it hard for you to learn more efficiently. Also, sleep cycles have a vital role in building memories in the mind. Hence, when you don’t get ample sleep, it will be hard for you to remember things that happened during the day.

Replacing your mattress can not only help you get enough sleep, but it can really improve so many facets of your life and health. Maybe it’s time to move this decision closer to the top of your to-do list? If it is that time, then finding bed at a mattress sale in Sacramento, from companies like The Healthy Bed Store, can improve your life.

(Article Excerpt and Image from: 4 Deadly Things Caused By Lack of Sleep & 2 Reasons to Get More,Breaking Muscle)

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