Mattress Sales in Sacramento Can Save You from High Costs and Pain

An article on the SFGate website dated December 31, 2013 details how one’s choice of mattress can reduce back pain. While it may not seem like a big deal to some people, back pain is a serious and frustrating medical condition that has plagues many people, even the young. The article urges that consumers, like those in Sacramento, should choose a mattress with the right amount of firmness that provides adequate comfort.

“When it comes to mattresses, the hard way isn’t always best. Recent studies show that a medium-firm mattress greatly improves the sleep quality in people suffering from chronic lower back pain. This overturns the conventional wisdom that firmer is better.

New mattresses provide better support than old worn ones, and as a matter of common sense, comfortable mattresses improve sleep.
Investing in a new mattress is one of the best presents you can give to yourself if you have lower back pain. But there’s no magic mattress formula for a better back – your personal taste is your best guide. Just choose a medium-firm mattress of any material that feels most comfortable to you and rest easy.”

Folks shouldn’t endure sleeping on a bed that no longer feels right or comfortable for them; if they continue to sleep on the same old cushions or coils, they’ll only end up putting themselves in more discomfort. If an individual is experiencing back pain, he or she can consider getting a brand new mattress. Those who are concerned that spending money on beds is a costly investment can take advantage of affordable mattress sales in Sacramento.



Back pain can severely affect the quality of an individual’s life and, at times, ruin restful sleep. As the article implies, improper mattress firmness can lead to poor back support, exacerbating the pain even more. Optimal firmness is a quality found in most latex mattresses, providing ample support for an individual’s back as they push back, rather than absorb the person’s weight.

Individuals with mattresses that no longer feel comfortable to them shouldn’t hesitate to change their old ones for new ones. Mattress discounters in Sacramento like the Healthy Bed Store offer beds that are not only comfortable but reasonably priced as well. For the sake of their health, consumers shouldn’t skimp on their choice of mattress and should select a bed that feels perfect to them.

(Article Information and Image from Picking a mattress to reduce back pain,, December 31, 2013)


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