Sleep Tight: Why You Should Purchase an Organic Mattress in Sacramento

An article details how mattresses made from synthetic materials stack up against those ones made from natural materials. The article notes that some of today’s synthetic mattresses may consist of harmful substances, the smell of which may pose health dangers to people, including skin irritation and respiratory problems.

“Experts, though, remain divided about what exposure levels pose a danger. Berkeley-based toxicologist Janet Weiss, MD, who has studied these chemicals, says, “Like the new-car smell, mattress smells aren’t hazardous.” Others argue that exposure should be limited as possible. “Although the amount people inhale is incredibly small, the exposure adds up,” says epidemiologist Devra Lee Davis, PhD, of the Environmental Health Trust.

Choosing organic materials is one of the best ways to cut the toxins you inhale while sleeping. Fumes are strongest in the first few weeks, so it also helps if you can let your new bed air out in a spare room or garage before using it.”

Organic mattresses may not look any different from artificially produced cushions, yet the foams that lie inside these two vastly differ. For one, the plastic coverings in some synthetic mattresses are typically made from polyvinyl chloride, which is an identified carcinogen. In pathology, a carcinogen is described as any substance or agent that causes cancer.


Additionally, some of these artificially-prepared beds are also treated with highly toxic open flame fire retardants. While the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) mandates that mattress manufacturers, including the ones in Sacramento, must process their products with fire retardant components, there are natural, non-toxic alternatives like wool. Thus, those concerned about their health can have peace of mind with an organic mattress in Sacramento that’s all natural and uses zero chemicals.

Another good thing about organic mattresses is that they feel just as comfortable as regular foams and coils, if not more. While organic mattresses are free of dangerous substances, they can be a tad bit pricier than regular foams and coils, but fortunately, there are places where customers can purchase a reasonably priced Sacramento mattress that’s organic from discount retailers like the Healthy Bed Store. Hence, those who value their health and their family’s health can seriously consider using organic mattresses instead.

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