A Sacramento Mattress Store May Just Have a Great Treat for Your Kid

Much is said about finding the perfect mattresses from Sacramento sleep wellness shops that can help adults relax after a long day at work and relieve aches that come with fatigue and age. However, it is equally important to find mattresses that can help young children rest comfortably every night.


A recent study underscores why:

“Research out of University College London noted that children who have consistent bedtime routines and schedules display less challenging or disruptive behavior, are less cranky and irritable and are better able to focus and attend during the day, regardless of the amount they slept. The study also found that children whose sleep patterns were regular at age 5 showed better behavior than children whose sleep routines at age 7 became random.

In addition to benefits for the brain and for behavior, having regular bedtime routines and getting adequate sleep has positive impacts on children’s health, including regulation of blood sugars and a decreased risk for childhood obesity.”

As such, parents should take every step to ensure that children will look forward to going to bed. They should go beyond crafting creative bedtime routines involving storytelling and music, as suggested by the researchers, and look into practicalities such as whether kids like the feel of their bed against their backs. The better they feel while tucked under the covers, the more likely they will sleep well through the night.

The firmness or softness of mattresses, however, does more than ascertain comfort. This quality also enables children to shift positions safely, without risk of rolling off a bed. Moreover, it helps determine the amount of support a child’s back and spine receives—a factor that is very important, especially as the bones of youngsters are not yet fully developed.

Parents can find bed and crib mattresses that are safe for their children at Sacramento mattress specialty shops like the Healthy Bed Store.

(Article Information and Image from A good night’s sleep helps a child make connections, The Register-Guard, January 20, 2014)


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