The bed is an integral part of the Sacramento home; it is where you sleep and recharge your body for the coming days ahead. You may not realize it, but choosing your bed should go beyond how it would look like in your bedroom. An article posted on discusses the toxic risks of certain bed frames:


“For the bed frame choose one made from solid wood instead of particleboard or fiberboard, which can give off toxic formaldehyde fumes. The National Cancer Institute has classified formaldehyde as “carcinogenic to humans” based on nose and throat cancers in working populations.”

One of the potentially serious reactions to toxic wood is sensitization, which causes individuals to develop an allergic reaction gradually after repeated exposure to sensitizer substances in the wood. Because it takes time to develop, the reaction may intensify and result in serious health effects if exposure is not limited.

To avoid this issue, make sure to choose non-toxic bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA. Check the wood of the bed frame that you are inclined to purchase. If it is sealed and finished, there is no toxic risk. Several brands guarantee non-toxic products, such as Styles In Green, Urban Woods, Night and Day, and Pacific Rim, among others.

Trusted retailers of beds in Sacramento such as The Healthy Bed Store employ accommodating staff who will assist you in finding the ideal mattress and bed frame for your bedroom. These professionals will tell you all you need to know about the different kinds of products available so you can narrow down your choices to the products that will help promote a safe good night’s rest.

(Article Information and Image from Is Your Bedroom Toxic? 5 Easy Ways to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep, The Huffington Post, June 6, 2011)