How to Shop Wisely at Reputable Mattress Stores in Sacramento, CA

When shopping for a mattress in Sacramento, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed with the countless number of brands, types, and models available. To put things into perspective, Stephanie Watson, writer for, sought the advice of Dr. Michael Decker, PhD, RN, spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Howard Levy, MD, an Emory University assistant professor of orthopaedics, physical medicine, and rehabilitation:


“”You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it,” Decker says. So why would you invest hundreds — or even thousands of dollars in a mattress without trying it out first? Take any new mattress you’re considering for a test nap. “People should not be embarrassed to go into a store and lay on a mattress for 20 minutes,” Decker says.

For a more realistic test, sleep in the beds at different hotel chains when you travel. If you get an especially good night’s sleep on one of them, ask the desk clerk what brand it is.

When you test out a mattress, make sure it feels comfortable in every position, especially the side you favor for sleeping. The mattress should be supportive where you need it, without putting too much pressure on your body, Levy says.”

Make the most out of your 20 minutes by spending five minutes on your back, five minutes on each side, and 5 minutes on your favorite position. Employees of trusted Sacramento mattress stores such as The Healthy Bed Store will typically brief you on the features of the mattresses you’re trying out to help you weigh the pros and cons of each one.

Start the search for your ideal mattress by visiting reputable mattress stores in Sacramento, CA. These stores usually have everything you need for your bed – from the bed frames, to the pillows, to the beddings.

(Article Information and Image from The Best Mattress for a Better Night’s Sleep, WebMD)


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