Why Smart Buyers Choose Non-Toxic Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

Despite the growing number of environmentalists clamoring for a safer world, harmful chemicals can still be found in many products these days. According to Care2.com, even mattresses and couches can cause headaches and respiratory ailments due to the chemicals they contain. This is exemplified in a study carried out by multiple universities in 2012 about couches made from 1985 to 2010:


“85 percent of the couches tested contained flame retardants, including Tris, which is a known human carcinogen that was banned from baby clothing back in the 1970s.”

Many people will find it disturbing to know that the methods used to stop one hazard (fire, in this case) may actually lead to serious health problems in the long run. Some environmentalists also argue that flame retardant chemicals actually have little or no benefits. These green advocates claim that many fire retardants are actually ineffective in preventing combustion, but emit toxic gases and soot when they’re set aflame.

Consumers who want to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in their furniture, particularly their beddings and mattresses, should be aware of the materials used in the products they plan to purchase. Thankfully, there are stores which sell bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA that make use only of organic, non-toxic materials.

It’s not only the bed frames and mattress that should be non-toxic. Drawers, cabinets, vanities, and the like often experience frequent hand and skin contact, which could be enough to contaminate people with harmful chemicals. Aside from their aforementioned carcinogenic properties, toxic chemicals used in making furniture can contribute to pregnancy problems, male infertility, obesity, and autism.

Buying Sacramento beds shouldn’t be done at the expense of a person’s health and well-being. Organic mattresses may still have to find their way to the mainstream, but careful consumers who want to protect their health can sleep on them with better peace of mind.

(Source: How Toxic is Your Furniture? Care2, February 17, 2014)

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