Purchasing Quality Organic Mattress in Mattress Sales in Sacramento

The green revolution continues to make headway, with many industries yielding to the consumers’ pressure of delivering more Eco-friendly products. The idea of using green, organic and all natural products as a strategy to promote environmentally sustainable ways of living are now being advocated even for household items, such as beds and mattresses.


Originally used for baby cribs and nursery beds to stimulate the child’s health and growth, organic mattresses are now being pushed as an option for family beds. An article written by Aileen Clarkson describes and compares the organic mattress against its regular counterpart:


“Regular mattresses consist mainly of materials made by the petroleum industry (polyester, elastic and polyurethane), polybrominated diphenyl ether (PDBE) flame retardants, glues and dyes. They also may contain pesticide residues. As regular mattresses age, they become more toxic as the flame retardants and pesticide residues bind with household dust.

Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are made from natural rubber, organic cotton and organic wool. They are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and resistant to dust mites.”

Organic mattress may be a bit more costly than the regular one, precisely because of the material used to produce it. However, there are a lot of cost-saving ways to get the best value out of this organic bedroom item. A mattress sale in Sacramento, for example, usually would have a wide selection of organic-made mattresses, all labeled with corresponding seals of approval from environment organizations. Looking out for these seals and labels can be helpful when choosing the right organic mattress, for one’s health.

Apart from its quality, one of the major benefits of switching to organic mattress is that its material does not cause allergies. While most mattresses nowadays are known to be treated so that it won’t be easily exposed to allergens, organic mattresses carry none of the factory-grade chemicals or ingredients that may prove harmful for those who are predisposed to have allergies.

To learn more about these new mattresses, their material components and their variety and uses, one can ask a competent group in mattress sales from Sacramento for guidance. They should, ideally, be able to help you pick out that perfect mattress that would provide you with utmost comfort for a good night’s rest.

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