Reap the Full Benefits of Sleep with the Best Mattress in Sacramento

Seeing a fluffy, soft bed after an exhausting day is a sight for sore, tired eyes. Nothing beats a restful sleep right after a long hard day, but oftentimes, a bad mattress can give you anything but restful sleep. Many people wake up in the morning still feeling tired, and they don’t know why. More often than not, the cause and culprit is a jerky, bumpy and an uneasy mattress.


Finding the perfect mattress in Sacramento isn’t that challenging if you go to the right place. A snug, comfortable and healthy bed is within reach. Sarah Klein, in her Huffington Post article, writes about the importance of using the right mattress:


“You could run a race in flip flops and cut offs and a torn t-shirt, but your time probably wouldn’t be too good,” says clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael J. Breus, Ph.D. “But if you ran with your running shoes and [wicking] wear and your iPod, your time would be good because you’ve got the right equipment for running. I believe the same holds true for sleep. If you’ve got the right equipment, you’ll be able to perform better in the activity of sleep.”

Mattresses are supposed to provide adequate weight support, specifically for the spine. To avoid sore muscles and cramps, find a mattress that supports the body’s curve in a neutral position. Make sure that the heels, buttocks, shoulders and head are properly aligned. This way, discomfort is eased by enough support on the body’s so-called pressure points. For the most part, however, selecting a mattress relies on personal preferences, which shouldn’t always be the case. Some people, indeed, prefer picking a firmer mattress because of the “back support” features, but somehow end up with muscle cramps in the morning.

In selecting your mattresses, keep these two things in mind: support and comfort. A mattress with enough inner springs or coils is your best bet as they provide adequate support for the spine, while also allowing for its natural curves. For comfort, take close note of the padding and the material used for it. Generally, the more coils and thicker the padding, the more expensive the mattress; but it doesn’t mean that the pricey ones are always the best choice. Your choice should always be balanced by personal preference and health considerations. Look for companies like The Healthy Bed Store that offer the finest mattresses in Sacramento, and choose well from a wide range of quality mattresses.

(Source: The Secret to Finding the Perfect-Sized Mattress, The Huffington Post, February 28, 2014)


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