Sacramento Mattress Maintenance and other Tips on Fighting Bed Bugs

After buying a mattress from Sacramento dealers like The Healthy Bed Store, one of your main concerns should be protecting your investment—and the rest of your home—from bed bug infestation. There are a few ways to approach this, the most basic of which is to clean out your bed on a regular basis. Also, check for signs of the critters in other areas besides your bed.


Check for Marks


If you find yourself having restless sleep, you might want to check your shoulders and other parts of your body that have been in direct contact with your beddings for small bite marks. You should recognize them as red marks that are itchy, as bed bugs also suck on your blood while you sleep, pretty much like a mosquito – yuck!

Tracking them Down

First, remove all your beddings and check every crack and crevice of your mattress and box spring. Consider doing this at night, since they are most active during these hours. Next, check every fabric-covered items in your home like your window drapes for bugs. You will have to sanitize your entire house if something other than your mattress has already been infested.

Clean your Beddings

Cassandra James, a contributor for Yahoo! Voices, gives a pointer on how to clean your bed that might be infested with the critters:

“Remove all of your bedding – sheets, pillow cases, blankets, comforters, bed liners and mattress covers. Wash everything in extremely hot water and dry in a dryer. Do NOT put back on your bed until your entire bedroom (or house, if they’re everywhere) has been cleaned.”

You can also run a steam cleaner throughout your entire mattress surface, as basically anything at high enough temperature can kill them.

Mattress Encasements

Moreover, you can also opt to buy mattress encasements as a precaution against future infestations – these are basically large fabric bags that you can put around your mattress. These can be zip closed so that any existing bed bugs and their eggs will eventually starve and die out, making for a natural way of keeping them at bay.

Sacramento mattress stores can provide you with excellent choices when it comes to comfortable, safe, and allergy-free mattresses, but having bed bugs at home could undermine all their comfort benefits. This is why you should regularly check on the condition of your sleep equipment, and clean them whenever necessary.

(Source: How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Naturally: The No Chemical Way to Kill These Nasty Insects, Yahoo! Voices)


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