Tips for Choosing Kid-friendly Bedroom Furniture in Sacramento, CA

The bedroom is considered one’s personal sanctuary, for children and adults alike. For children, especially, it is a place easily transformed into their own personal kingdom, and a room to share intimate story moments with Dad or Mom. This is where they keep their treasured stuff, and later, a sanctum for friends on sleepovers nights. It’s no small task to choose the right furniture and furnishings for your child’s room. This bit of reminder from the Ravalli Republic online news:

“Young people view their bedrooms as their sanctuaries. These rooms are private spaces where they can let loose and be themselves.

The room should reflect your child’s personality and interest. After all, they will be spending any hours there.

Choosing youth furniture should be done with care and consideration. After all, picking the wrong furniture will cost you money. It will also create problems between you and your child.”

Choosing kid-friendly bedroom furniture in Sacramento, CA, as well as in other locales, isn’t all that challenging with all the styles, shapes, sizes, and colors available in furniture stores. Parents should always remember that children are only young once, so whenever they can afford to indulge their kids’ fancy in their own personal space, let them run with it.


As a parent, you can start things off by selecting a central theme to work around. Does your little boy like racing and cars, or is your daughter particularly fond of princess-inspired trinkets? If the affection to certain things or themes is present, it is advisable to begin there. Choosing a theme can also be as simple as working around your child’s favorite colors, cartoon characters, or TV shows.


Now that the theme is in place, it’s time to check out the bedroom furniture. Buy no less than a durable and ultra-comfortable bed. The bed should be able to withstand the rigors of harboring a playful, active child. Think kids playing “monkeys jumping on the bed”. Once a bed-and-mattress combination is picked out, start customizing them according to your child’s preferences. For example, adding a canopy over the kid’s bed makes it more exciting – use a light, frilly fabric canopy for a princess bedroom, or something like a mosquito net for a jungle-themed room.

Note that children eventually outgrow their fantasies. For parents who’d like bedroom furniture to last until their kids leave for college, they can try mixing fun pieces with “grown-up” items. One way to do this is by keeping the old but trusty bed and pairing it with a newer and savvier study desk.

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(Source: How to Choose Youth Bedroom Furniture, Ravalli Republic, April 14, 2014)


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