A Reason to Browse Sacramento Mattress Sales for the Perfect Sleep Aid

Have you ever gone through a night when you were so exhausted that you could barely keep your eyes open, only to keep tossing and turning until morning with barely a few minute of sleep? The culprit might be something that you commonly overlook: your mattress. Indeed, it might be time for you to browse mattress sales from Sacramento online stores like The Healthy Bed Store. Many sleep experts agree that in many cases, the quality of your sleep can be directly affected by your choice of mattress.


Eye-Opening Results

Over the decades, there have been many studies conducted on the effects of mattress on sleep quality, but few have been as conclusive as Krystal and Edinger’s, where they examined 128 people sleeping in seven different levels of mattress softness over an extended period of time (for each mattress). They found that even just minute differences in the mattress support resulted in drastic changes in sleep and pain sensation.

Testing the Mattress

So how do you find out which mattress to buy for optimum sleep quality? Here are some tips from Sleepexplained.com:

“If you are shopping around for the best mattress out there, one thing you should not forget to do is test using it. Go for a test nap on the mattress you are likely to buy. This is not an embarrassing thing to do so don’t hesitate to lie on the mattress and take a short nap. As you test out the mattress, you would want to find the one that feels comfortable no matter what position you sleep in.”

But wait…

Since you can’t really completely judge the quality of a mattress while you’re awake, try to nap in the test bed. When you sleep, your body will reach the point of REM or rapid-eye-movement sleep, in which your dreams become vivid enough to warrant reactions from your body. A good mattress will support your spine and your body, and help your skeletal muscles to relax throughout the active “dream activities” while you sleep.


When you plan to purchase your mattress, think about the type of mattresses that had given you trouble sleeping in the past. Take careful note of it so the next time you’re looking into a mattress sale in Sacramento, you can avoid settling for the things that don’t work for you.

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