A Guide to Buying Mattresses from Sacramento Stores for Baby’s Crib

our baby deserves nothing less than the best things you can give, so it’s only natural to take your time when shopping. While you might be looking for the best clothes, toys, and food for baby though, you might be overlooking something extremely important to a growing infant: quality of sleep. An efficient way to ensure that your child gets a good night’s rest every time is to equip his crib with the best and most comfymattresses from Sacramento stores like The Healthy Bed Store.


Mattress Firmness

At first glance, you might think that the softer the mattress, the better it is, so you’d be buying something that’s just as comfy as your own – but you’d be wrong. The fact is, toddlers and infants still lack the ability to move themselves (or their faces) out of the way should they sink into their mattress or if they get turned over. Get a much firmer one for a more solid sleeping surface instead.

Mattress Size

Make sure that the mattress’ size is a perfect fit for the crib in the first place – thankfully, most modern cribs you can buy today are already made to fit into standard-size mattresses. A tight fit is best, since there should be no large gaps between the mattress edge and the crib frame; a good rule of thumb is that if you can clearly fit much more than a single finger in between the gap, it’s too wide.

Covers and Layers

Here are some tips on choosing mattresses from mother and freelance writer Heather Corley, in her article in About.com.

“Multi-layer covers will give you the most durability over time, in case one layer gets worn through or torn up. Some crib mattresses have an anti-microbial layer on top, and this may help cut down on germs from spit-ups and diaper accidents. You can also check to see how the mattress cover is sealed. Are the plastic seams on the edges sharp? If so, you may end up with scrapes and cuts when you change the sheets.”

Safety and Maintenance

Mattresses can gather bacteria or fungi over time, and while many of these could be nearly harmless to adults, your baby might end up getting ill when he gets exposed while he sleeps. Be sure to regularly run a vacuum over the mattress and leave it out in the sun for a few hours every now and then to rid them of bacteria.

You can trust your local Sacramento mattress store to have the best options for helping your baby sleep peacefully every time. A good night’s sleep today can lead to healthy growth and physical development tomorrow.

(Source: How To Choose a Baby Crib Mattress, About.com)

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