Useful Tips in Choosing the Perfect Frame for Beds in Sacramento

When shopping for long-lasting bedroom furniture in Sacramento CA many people don’t give a lot of thought to the search for a sturdy bed frame. You cannot enjoy the comfort of your mattress if the frame and mattress somehow don’t quite fit together. Writing for the self-help site, Ashley Henshaw knows a thing or two about picking the right bed frame.


“In addition to getting one that fits your mattress, you also have to take into consideration the style and materials of the bed frame itself to make sure it’s a good match for your home. This simple guide will help walk you through the process of choosing, buying and setting up your new bed frame.”

There are two types of bed frames, the metal and the wooden variants. Here are some of the pros and cons for each:

Metal beds usually appeal to those who want maximum sturdiness. Steel frames are durable as metal bed frames go. While relatively inexpensive, they aren’t the most attractive option, especially for people who bank on style. Still, there are a lot of aesthetically pleasing choices in the market, but many tend to be more bulky and costly. You might want to put a protection under each leg as the metal tend to wreak havoc on wooden floors. Prevent unsightly scratches on your laminated hardwood flooring by purchasing frames with rubber or plastic coverings under the legs.

On the other hand, wooden frames are more popular, mainly because they come in a wide range of styles. You can go plain with it if you like it simple and inexpensive, or you can go more ornate. Wooden frames forbeds in Sacramento and other locales also come in a variety of colors. In the durability department, wooden frames are known to last as long as their metal counterparts, and both require minimal maintenance.

Aside from material type, consider size and functionality. Measure your room’s floor area beforehand and find a frame that will not occupy a lot of space in the room. On functionality, consider who’s going to use the bed. For instance, children often use their beds for things other than sleeping – think kids playing “monkeys jumping on the bed”. For that, better to opt for an exceptionally sturdy frame with a simple design, rather than a fancy-looking one.

You will often get what you pay for by buying only from reputable bedding outlets, such as the Healthy Bed Store. You spend about one-third of your life sleeping; why not make that part of your life a very comfortable one?

(Source: A Buyer’s Guide to the Perfect Bed Frame,, December 13, 2012)

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