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The Dr. Loth SpineAlign Pillow

  • The Dr. Loth SpineAlign Pillow


The revolutionary SpineAlign pillow is now at The Healthy Bed Store. Made in the USA from certified foams, the SpineAlign pillow is great for neck support for all sleepers and is adjustable to fit all body types.

The SpineAlign™ pillow is a fully customizable cervical contour pillow designed by a sports chiropractor with over 16 years experience treating patients with many symptoms related to poor sleeping posture. Sleeping in incorrect posture night after night can put stress on your spine which can lead to headaches, neck and back pain, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, insomnia and a restless night's sleep.

This pillow is truly unique in that it's designed with two outer chambers that are used for side sleeping and a middle chamber for back sleeping. It utilizes two different sizes to make it a "one size fits most" design, so you will no longer need multiple pillows for back and side sleeping positions.

Most contour pillows are constructed with a single piece of foam which makes it difficult to customize to your specific head and neck size. However, The Spine Align™ pillow was specifically designed with a proprietary blend of shredded internal fill and zippers on the back of the pillow which allows you to add or remove fill to customize it to your specific fit.
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The outside of the pillow is comprised of a soft Tencel blended fabric with strips of mesh built in the sides of the pillow for better breathability and comfort as you sleep. Dr. Loth invented this pillow with 2 concepts in mind: correct sleeping posture and comfort.

The SpineAlign™ pillow is fully patented and manufactured right here in the USA using all USA manufactured materials. This pillow contains no latex. Please do not wash this pillow. The SpineAlign pillows will fit in pillow cases and pillow protectors, and we recommend a good pillow protector to keep your pillow sanitary.
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