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Supplemental Foundation Layer (SFL)™ by OMI (Coir Rug)

  • Supplemental Foundation Layer (SFL)™ by OMI (Coir Rug)


Most platform bed frames have a space between the slats of around 2.5 to 3 inches. This is fine for latex mattresses but some pocketed-coil mattresses, such as the OMI  Rossa™ and Stella™ use coils that are of a smaller diameter than the wood slat spacing. 

The SFL pad is made from densely woven coconut coir fiber and is only 1" thick. This pad will fill in the space between the slats and provide proper support for the coils.

Other uses for the SFL pad is for placing a mattress on plywood, like a waterbed frame, solid surface foundation or on the floor where air circulation would be blocked through the bottom of the mattress.

There are two unique features of the OMI coir rug that you will not find from other suppliers: rounded corners instead of square pointed corners, and the rug is encased in a certified organic cotton sock.

Type Mattress Foundations
Vendor OMI OrganicPedic

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