Lifetime Mattress Signature Fit Latex Mattress

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Imagine owning a mattress and never again will you have to:

  • Replace it due to body impressions

  • Be concerned whether it is too firm or too soft... now and forever

  • Sleep on a single firmness mattress when you both have different comfort needs.

Introducing The Signature Fit Latex Mattress by LifeTime Mattress

The mattress you design.. starting with a firm or extra firm latex core, finishing with your choice of 4 latex and 2 memory foam top layers.

This is the perfect mattress for any couple that has different comfort preferences - now each of you can design your own sides. Plus.. the firmness of each side can be changed at any time in the future. As our bodies change through age or weight, as injuries or arthritis progress, whatever the reason, you can upgrade your mattress simply by ordering new layers, unzipping the cover and swapping them out.

The Perfect "Weightless" Sleep Experience...

Imagine a mattress that lifts your body into a state of buoyancy and weightlessness. When your body is in a state of suspension, it can help relax your muscles. When your muscles are relaxed, it can help relieve tension. When tension is relieved, then comes sleep.

Our cover is made from Tencel fabric - A natural, man-made fabric that is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.

No Flame Retardant Barrier Needed - All of our latex mattresses use Wool and Cotton as an FR solution not only because it doesn't contain bad chemicals, but because:

  • Wool and Cotton breathe

  • Wool and Cotton wick moisture

  • Wool and Cotton regulate temperature

  • Wool and Cotton can help relax muscles

Long Lasting Design

We build our all-latex mattresses from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified natural blended latex, making them even more consistent and durable than other more expensive latex mattresses:

  • Talalay latex in the comfort layers for the ultimate in weightlessness

  • Continuous process Dunlop latex as support cores for the ultimate in long last support.

Every Component is third-party certified for content, safety and durability - All materials used in the mattress are Oeko-TEX certified.

Lifetime Performance

  • Our Fit Latex mattress will maintain its support factor throughout its life.

  • Our Fit Latex mattress will maintain its comfort factor throughout its life.

  • Our Fit Latex mattress will relieve pressure and help relax muscles throughout its life.

Firmness Guide

There are four comfort layers to choose from - Ultra Plush, Plush, Medium and Firm. There are base layers - Firm and Extra Firm

  • Ultra Plush/Plush/Firm Core - Very Plush, ideal for light weight people or tall thin people. Not ideal for someone over 160 lbs.

  • Ultra Plush/Medium/Firm Core - Very popular arrangement, still plush but slightly firmer support. Same weight recommendations

  • Ultra Plush/Firm/Firm Core - Still plush but with more support that you can feel. Same weight recommendations

  • Plush/Plush/Extra Firm Core - A "firmer" plush, still great for side sleepers

  • Plush/Medium/Extra Firm Core - Middle of the road in firmness, can do Medium over Plush for extra firmness

  • Plush/Firm/Extra Firm Core - Very popular plush top with best support

  • Medium/Medium/Extra Firm Core - More support without being too firm

  • Medium/Firm/Extra Firm Core - Best choice for a firmer mattress, can do Firm/Medium for even more firmness

  • Firm/Firm/ Extra Firm Core - a firmer mattress that is still comfortable for side sleeping

10 Year Warranty - Lifetime Comfort Exchange*

100-Day Layer Exchange - After sleeping on your mattress for a few weeks, you find that you need to make a change in the top latex firmness arrangement, we will provide you with free exchange layers for free. One-time exchange only, up to one layer for Twin XL and two half layers for Queen, King and Cal King.