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Posh+Lavish Latex Pillow Tops

  • Posh+Lavish Latex Pillow Tops


Would you like to wake up in the morning and feel like you are floating?

You will if you are sleeping on a Posh+Lavish Latex Pillow Top. This topper will reduce or eliminate pressure points and it will make any bed feel great. Many of our Posh topper customers have purchased too firm a bed from one of the mattress chain stores and this topper saved them from having to toss the bed out.

Made with the same latex found inside our Posh+Lavish mattresses, this topper is available in a 19 ILD Plush or a 14 ILD Ultra Plush. We recommend the Ultra Plush for petite and lighter weight bodies and the Plush for everyone else.

Loaner program: As with all of our bedding, this topper is not returnable but we do have a loaner program. We will charge you the full price of thetopper as a refundable deposit and you can take the topper home to sleep on for a few nights. We do require that you place a waterproof mattress protector over the topper - we have a few protectors that we can loan as well.

Type Mattress Toppers
Vendor Posh+Lavish

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