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For centuries, those who've snuggled into a bed dressed with mulberry silk have appreciated and luxuriated in the comfort and protection of nature's highest quality silk.

Mulberry Silk comes from the cocoons of silkworms that feed only on Mulberry leaves. The cocoon's silk filaments are stretched into a flat web of silk floss which are stacked, then sealed inside the cotton fabric. The result is extremely lightweight despite the silk bedding's thickness. Mulberry silk's pearl-white hue reflects natural light while other silks, like Tussah and "wild silk" are a dull white caused by bleach and other chemicals.

Naturally Hypoallergenic And Anti-Bacterial

  • Mulberry silk is clean and simple: a strand of fiber held together with the natural glue of the protein sericin.
  • Sericin is a natural repellent that is inhospitable to bed bugs and dust mite, a major source of allergens.
  • Mulberry silk is processed with little or no chemicals.
  • Mulberry silk maintains its structure for years, unlike duck and goose down which can degrade and fall apart, creating tiny pieces that can cause irritations.

 Repels Mold and Mildew

Our silk bedding is a mildew-proof fiber that eliminates moisture 1.5 time better than plain cotton.

Stronger Than Steel

Mulberry silk is stronger than steel wire with the same dimension. The more flexibility a silk has, the better the quality. Mulberry silk ans excellent elongations while inferior silk has very poor flexibility and elastic recovery.

Odor Free

Grade A mulberry silk is odorless. Many silk comforters made with Tussah and "wild silk" have an oily or rotten smell.

Comfortable Sleep During Menopause

For women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats due to menopause, Mulberry West bedding is breathable and adjusts to the body's temperature while wicking away moisture.

Easy To Clean

Caring for this bedding couldn't be easier. Simply spot clean and air out in the sun for a few hours naturally bleaching the cotton and rejuvenating the mulberry silk. You may also dry clean with LOW heat. Do not machine wash or dry.

Mulberry West bedding, specially crafted for our linens company in the Pacific Northwest, uses Grade A mulberry long strand silk fibers nestled inside a bleach-free polished cotton cover, making for a barrier that is naturally resistant to mold, allergens and insects including bed bugs and dust mites.

Mulberry West products are certified by an international inspection company for no chlorine, ammonia, formaldyhyde or lead.