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BAD Blankies Organic Cotton and Hemp Blankets

  • BAD Blankies Organic Cotton and Hemp Blankets



These hand-made blankets are made in the USA of 45% GOTS Certified Cotton and 55% Hemp. The blanket color is a natural Vanilla with your choice of trim accent color.

I have been personally sleeping with a BAD Blankies for several months before introducing them to our customer and have to be soft and snugly while being very breathable. These blankets were developed for those who have allergies or tend to sleep very warm.


Throws - 1 Red, 2 Tan

Twin - 1 Red, 1 Blue

Twin XL - 2 Red, 4 Blue, 2 Tan

Full/Queen - 2 Blue

King - 2 Red, 1 Blue




Water temperature can be normal and drying times are 45 minutes for twin-XL sizes and smaller whereas bigger sizes require drying for a minimum of 1 hour. Use a non-agitating washing machine if possible. 


Our forefathers grew and used hemp and many intelligent societies have used hemp for textile, food & many other purposes dating back thousands of years ago. However, everything seems to have a life cycle and hemp is no exception. For that reason, it had disappeared for quite some time and now is fully re-appreciated & re-legalized. For us, we decided to choose hemp simply because it’s such a high quality textile! According to our experience and research, below are some of the reasons why it’s so awesome. =) With developing technology, hemp has become super soft, especially when blended with materials such as cotton.

  • Hemp is one of the strongest & most durable of all natural textile fibers outlasting cotton by many years.
  • Hemp produces 250% more fiber per acre than cotton and uses less water to grow therefore extremely environmentally efficient, renewable and friendly.
  • Hemp is naturally antimicrobial & resistant to Ultra-Violet light, which keeps it resistant to mildew. No more stinky mildew smell should u leave it extra long in the washer.
  • Each time hemp is washed it constantly reveals new surfaces, usually becoming softer with use. Given reasonable care it will render a lifetime of service.
  • It is also one of the only fabrics that are stronger wet than dry, so it does not become tender through washing.
  • Beyond what the eyes can see, like most natural materials, hemp emits a radiation that is harmonious to the natural environment like our human bodies.

RETURNS: 100-Days

Nothing is made for everyone and if this is one of those cases, please don’t feel bad. Just let us know and we will arrange a full refund for your purchase & shipping cost. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, we kindly ask that you do this within 100 days of your purchase so that we may have the best chance at restoring the blankets for donation. <3

OUR STORY: How We Got Started

Hi! My name is Brittanny and I had made these incredibly natural & comfy hemp / organic cotton fleece blankets for my boyfriend Daniel who was dealing with a couple weeks of intense night sweating when using a new polyester-based blanket his mother had innocently purchased for him. Despite being made of 55% hemp, it’s unbelievably soft and sooo very comfortable to sleep with–and has absolutely no recreational drug uses like its Marijuana cousin. As well, it is entirely breathable, which allows your skin’s millions of pores to breathe, which we believe to be the primary reason why he had stopped sweating. And since the unsolicited feedback we had gotten from friends and family that were given these blankets were so amazing, we felt compelled to make them available for others to own!

MISSION: Striving for Balance

After researching about the cause of Daniel’s intense sweating from using a synthetic blanket, we’ve discovered that many millions of other people worldwide are dealing with the very same issue without having the slightest idea. Not only were they sweating, most were also dealing with skin irritations all the way to eczema when undiscovered over long periods of time. And because we’ve experienced & stopped the adverse effects of these synthetic blankets first hand, we felt compelled to do our best at living more naturally while spreading as much info as we discover about its amazing benefit.

Type Organic Blankets
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