Imagine owning a mattress that can last a lifetime... and never go mattress shopping again. Hard to believe?

Over 11 years, customers have told me that their main concerns when buying a mattress is comfort and durability, along with what can be done if the firmness is not quite right.

All of our Signature Fit latex mattresses are customizable and are fitted to your own personal firmness level (our memory foam mattresses are not customizable at this time).

But, how can this mattress last a lifetime?

  • After delivery, if the comfort level needs to be a little firmer or softer, we will provide one free layer with 100 days from delivery
  • Your body changes over time and the mattress firmness may need to be changed too. You don't need to buy a new mattress - you can purchase the layers you need, unzip the casing, take out the layer you don't want and put in the new layer. You now have a brand new bed for 1/10 the price of a new bed at the mattress chain stores.
  • No mattress lasts forever. A big concern is that dreaded body impression. With any big name-brand mattress you would need to throw it away and go mattress shopping again. Urg! But with our Signature Fit Mattresses, you just need to purchase a new layer instead of a whole new mattress. Unzip the casing, take the bad layer out and put in the brand new layer. You now have a brand new bed, again.

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