V & R Naturals Latex/Kapok Blend Soap Shape Queen Pillow

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Organic Cotton Adjustable Cover

• Blend of Cotton and Spandex for Stretch Feel.

• Cool Sleeping.

• No Odors.

• Adjustable Loft and Feel. 

• Approximate weight 5 lbs.

Natural Fill of Latex and Kapok Silk

• 60% Shredded Latex blended with 40% Kapok Silk.

• Kapok wraps itself around each noodle for wonderful floppy yet supportive feel.

• Support of shredded latex.

• Cool Sleeping.

• Antimicrobial & HypoAllergenic.

• Fully Adjustable for infinite sleep positions.

Useful, Reusable Outer Packaging

• Each pillow comes in a reusable cinch laundry bag.

• Useful for storing extra fill.