Infants spend much of their time in their cribs so it is imperative for parents to ensure that the crib for their baby is as safe and comfortable as possible. Buying a high quality and sturdy crib is one thing, but parents should not neglect the quality of the material used to make the mattress, either.

If you need a safe and supportive surface for your baby to sleep on, you can find what you need at The Healthy Bed Store. We offer a selection of comfy and all-natural mattresses that are perfect for your baby. Our organic baby mattress products are lightweight, firm enough to support your child’s weight, non-toxic, and made from all-natural materials.

Why Should You Carefully Choose a Mattress for Your Infant?

Babies are still in their formative years, so you will want a mattress that does not impede their development. To help your child grow healthily you need to pay close attention to what they are sleeping on. Here are some considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for a baby mattress:

  • You need a mattress that is firm enough – Your baby’s bones are growing, so you need a mattress that is firm enough to help the young one maintain posture. A firm mattress also prevents any suffocation risks, since soft mattresses can smother infants.

  • You need a mattress that is made from organic materials – A typical, non-organic mattress uses chemicals and substances such as flame retardants, vinyl, and polyurethane foam that could emit potentially toxic gases that babies could inhale. Moreover, some materials could induce allergic reactions in infants. The best way to avoid this is to buy a mattress that uses only natural materials.

  • You need a mattress that is durable and easy to clean – Since your baby will spend many hours a day in the crib, it is important to outfit the crib with a mattress that is tough, easy to clean, and properly vented. Crib mattresses are sure to absorb their fair share of odors, so it is important to invest in one that can withstand wear and tear.

Choosing The Healthy Bed Store

If you are looking for an organic crib mattress that meets all three criteria, then you have come to the right place. The Healthy Bed Store has a fine selection of all-natural beds for you to choose from. We carry products from both Naturepedic and Lullaby Earth—two brands that have met the strict mattress industry standards for safety and sustainability. We also offer customized mattresses to suit the comfort needs of your infant. Give your baby the best surface to sleep on, and ensure their health with our products!

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